Fresh Faces was created to help inner-city kids be self-efficient with their health. By facilitating them to make positive food choices, kids will gain confidence in themselves and their abilities. The goal is to empower children to have a happier outlook and be proactive with their health in relation to their future. 

Inner-city families face the largest health challenges: lack of nutritional education, ethnic food habits, an overwhelming amount of fast-food choices, and little food budgets.

Fresh Faces wants to reach into the homes of these families and lead their children out of those challenges and into a position of strength where each child will have just as many chances to become successful as any other child in the city. We can help reshape their daily school experience and help guide them towards higher education and a healthy future. 




Capacitate children with the knowledge to make their own nutritional decisions.


Through fun physical activities, kids are motivated to apply new skills into everyday life.


Uplift kids by giving them responsibility over their daily nutritious choices.